Financial need should not deter artists from applying for admission. Skowhegan is committed to finding meaningful financial aid for all of those who are admitted to the program.

Tuition is $6,000. A number of scholarships are offered, including general and named fellowships, as well as matching school fellowships which are available to students who are currently enrolled in partner institutions.

The goal of Skowhegan’s financial assistance program is to ensure that all artists who have been accepted can attend Skowhegan regardless of their financial status. Most years, 95% of each class requests significant financial aid. In order to make the experience possible for everyone, please only request what you need. 

While it is not Skowhegan's goal to contribute to mounting debt, each participant is expected to make some financial contribution to their experience. 

Each applicant is asked to request a financial aid amount with this in mind, though financial status is not a consideration in the admissions process. Keep in mind that some will be able to pay most or all of the cost, while others may only be able to pay a small amount. We will determine an award amount at admission based on individual requests, as well as other financial information requested in the application. Only artists who have completed the financial assistance section of the application can be considered for aid. You must submit this information at the time of application.

Skowhegan cannot provide assistance for other living expenses or materials. If you are requesting financial assistance please remember that tuition represents a fraction of the actual cost of a residency. Take time to consider seriously your real needs and ability to contribute toward your tuition and fees so that Skowhegan can assist as many people as possible.


Admission to Skowhegan, the awarding of general financial assistance, and the pursuit of all Skowhegan activities are implemented without preference to racial or ethnic origins, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, or age. Fellowships are available for all artists admitted to the program. Additionally, many BFA and MFA programs provide tuition support for current students and alumni so they may attend Skowhegan. Specific opportunities are offered to artists who self-identify as: LGBTQ; American artists of the African diaspora; Asian/Pacific, Caribbean, Central/South American, or Native American artists; artists who live or work in the states of Maine, California, Ohio, and Kansas; and artists who are enrolled at Cooper Union and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

Fellowships are made possible by the Arcus Foundation; Milton & Sally Avery Endowment; Bingham Endowment; The Brown Foundation of Houston, Inc.; Camille Cosby Endowment; Cummings Endowment; Dreyfus Endowment; Donald & Doris Fischer Endowment; Ann & Graham Gund Endowment; George Gund Endowment; Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation; The Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason Foundation; Alex Katz Endowment; Anna-Marie & Stephen Kellen Foundation; Bernard Langlais Endowment; Jacob & Gwendolyn Lawrence Endowment; Peter Lewis Endowment; Toby Lewis Endowment; Donald Moffett & Robert Gober Endowment; the National Endowment for the Arts; John & Joanne Payson Endowment; Sumner Scholarship Endowment Foundation; Turano Endowment; Wallace Readers Digest Endowment; W & M Zorach Endowment; and other foundations and individuals.

INLAKS Foundation Applicants

For those applicants that live and work in India and are under 35 years of age your application fee, tuition, and travel expenses will be subsidized by the Inlaks foundation. If you qualify for Inlaks support then you may skip the application fee found at step 7 of the Skowhegan application following these instructions.

Helpmann Academy Applicants

For those applicants that are Australian citizens who are based in South Australia, and are final year students or graduates (up to five years following final year of study) from Helpmann Academy partner institutions, your application fee, tuition, and travel expenses will be subsidized by the Helpmann Academy. If you qualify for Helpmann Academy support then you may skip the application fee found at step 7 of the Skowhegan application following these instructions.